Trustees and Ambassadors

Sarah Chisnall, Trustee

Sarah is married to Roy and they have a son together. Sarah helps Roy with his business as well as overseeing the charity’s daily operations.

Sarah is passionate about helping children and as a mother she can’t bear the idea that there are kids in the world without adequate food or shelter. She strongly believes children are a blessing and that every child deserves a fair start in life. She is determined to do all she can to help as many children as possible.

Sarah has been involved in charity work for many years and has organised numerous fundraising events. The chance to be involved in setting up a charity is a dream come true and Sarah is giving her time voluntarily to ensure that every single penny, in every pound donated, goes straight to where it’s most needed.

Tiffany Stokely, Trustee

Moving from rural America to London in 2013 to obtain her BA (Hons) in Technical Arts for Theatre and Screen from Wimbledon College of Arts, Tiffany hardly knew where Sri Lanka was on the map!… let alone the culture, need, and beauty of the place and people. After meeting and falling for Trustee, Tom Stokely, she soon realized what a special venture he was involved in, alongside good friends whose hearts were simply seeking to bless, help, and extend a hand of friendship wherever they could. After marrying in August 2017, Tom and Tiffany joined The Dust Project on a build trip for their honeymoon— where Tiffany met, experienced, and fell in love with the kids, community, and Project for herself. Now inaugurated as a fellow trustee, Tiff is eagerly learning about the Project and its myriad possibilities, catching God’s heart of adoration for the people, and pitching in where she can.

Fraser Higgs, Trustee

Fraser is married with three children. He is a successful entrepreneur, with a passion for helping kids in need.

After thriving in the business sector, Fraser decided to give something back. He has been involved in fundraising over the years and felt the time was right to set up a charity of his own. Fraser is the founder of The Dust Project.

Roy Chisnall, Trustee

Roy is married to Sarah and they have a son. Roy runs his own signage and refurbishment business, he is a keen snowboarder and loves being a big kid with his son!

Roy has been involved in charity work over the years, including fundraising and building houses in South Africa with Habitat for Humanity. He has also headed up various youth projects.

Thomas Stokely, Trustee

Tom left Investment Banking in 2016 after a 14 year career to allow him to focus more on his family and the development of The Dust Project. He is also the Co-Founder and Director of 121with, an online marketplace for buying and selling expertise.

“I have relished the opportunity to work alongside our partners out in Sri Lanka on our Project trips. In addition, I have enjoyed taking time to help focus on our work with schools and businesses in the UK and developing our funding channels.

My Great Aunt was a missionary in Northern India and established an orphanage out there which is still running today and something my family is very proud of. Consequently, when I was asked if I wished to become a Trustee of The Dust Project, it was an easy decision.”

Sarah Higgs, Trustee

Sarah is married to Fraser and they have three children together. She is currently undertaking a BSc (Hons) Degree in Forensic Science, at Cambridge ARU, now that her children are in full time school.

Her desire to contribute to giving hope to poverty-stricken children began when she witnessed their destitution first hand, whilst travelling the world for 11 years as a Flight Attendant. Although much of her travelling experience enabled her to capture the beauty of some parts of our world and gave her a broad understanding of many different cultures, it also unveiled the reality of how impoverished some communities are. This realism has given Sarah the passion and determination to help and care for the inhabitants of these communities, through ‘The Dust Project’, to make them less disadvantaged.

Charlotte Boulton, Ambassador

Charlotte graduated from The University of Lincoln in 2015, achieving a 2:1 BA(Hons) Degree in English. Since leaving University, Charlotte has become increasingly involved in The Dust Project – both on team trips and behind the scenes; helping with events, fundraising and Social Media strategies. She has recently completed her 150hour Premier TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language), with the aim to use this, alongside her project management skills to spend time on the ground in Sri Lanka for The Dust Project.

It was whilst at University Charlotte discovered what she was passionate about and how these passions could carve a career. Listening to a range of inspiring and devastating talks and attending charity networking events sparked a change, and it was the realisation that those who live in inescapable situations, like The Dust Project support are somebody’s daughter, son, brother, sister, mother or father.

With a broken heart for injustice in the world, Charlotte wants to see the children, teenagers and adults in Sri Lanka released from the chains that bind them from reaching their potential: Poverty, Lack of Education and Gender Prejudice.

Josh Wisker, Ambassador

Josh is a freelance film maker based in North London but most often found on overseas trips filming and taking groups of young people to work on humanitarian projects. Being raised in a home that had always supported relief work in Sri Lanka, Josh developed a heart for this nation from a very young age. In 2014 he took his first team to Sri Lanka and has been involved in many returning trips to build houses, dig wells and most importantly, to be a big brother to kids who have lost their families through war & tragedy.

Josh passionately believes that life is better when done together, and is confident that connecting British families with people in Sri Lanka (through child sponsorship, building projects and volunteer trips) is a sure way of breathing life into both sets of people.

‘ For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘ plans to prosper and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.’
Jeremiah 29:11