Sponsor a child

We believe that having a secure home and an education are fundamental human rights and vital to achieving economic growth, increasing income and sustaining a healthy society. Providing a child with an education enables them to lift their communities out of poverty and reach their full potential.


Sivanuja is 7 years old…

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Vidusha is 8 years old..

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Vindiya is 10 years old..

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Dishani lives at the Paalam Children’s Hostel in Jaffna..

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Reema is 3 years old..

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Dharshika lives in Wattala..

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Darshana lives in Wattala..

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You send £10. I receive £10.

Through our sponsorship program, you can be assured that 100% of your monthly donation goes to the support of your sponsored child. All necessary admin costs— including living salaries for those in Sri Lanka who are actually caring for the children— are covered from other funds. Online giving to our projects through Virgin Giving incurs a small transaction fee by them, but the total amount The Dust Project receives goes directly to your child.