Become a Partner School

With education comes knowledge, and knowledge has the power to bring change. At The
Dust Project, we want to facilitate and promote this— not only in the schools we support in Sri
Lanka, but also here in the UK— to make our future generation of leaders and influencers
aware of areas where the world is in desperate need.

Whether a School, College or University, The Dust Project can provide a customized, relational
opportunity for your students and staff to participate in our work with Sri Lanka. Through
whatever level of involvement you’re able, we will work together with you to:

Some potential ideas for involvement with The Dust Project

Charity Day

Target —Sponsor a House / Well / Toilet

Last year, Bishop’s Stortford College raised over £6,000 from a Home Clothes Day, and by
building a “Dust Project house” out of flapjacks, then selling the flapjacks to the children.
Parents were made aware of the event and were able to donate via the school fees accounting

Two assemblies were held— one as a kick-starter; the other after their success, with photos
and a film of the finished house in Sri Lanka, shared on social media.


Charity Year

Target — Sponsor a community project in Sri Lanka / House Build

We help you plan one event per term. (Examples: Home Clothes Day / Bake Sale / Sponsored
sports events / Summer Fair / etc.)

Any idea can be tailored to fit your theme, specs and objectives. To discuss possibilities or
simply find out more, please email

Together, let’s Build Hope and Change Lives.