About us

The Dust Project was founded by three friends with a desire to see lives changed and a passion to make a difference in the world. As parents, the trio felt particularly moved by the tough existence of so many young, innocent, children around the globe.

After enjoying success in the corporate sector, Fraser, Roy and Sarah decided to channel their energies into the charitable world, focussing on what they know best – construction. Why? Breathe life into a building and it will become the hub of a community, providing crucial opportunities such as schooling, vocational training and shelter. Generation after generation of children can be transformed by the possibilities created within four walls. What does this mean? In one word: sustainability.

The Dust Project fundraises to support local communities, working to build orphanages, schools, community centres, wells, toilet blocks and more.

Our Approach

We believe every child can be helped, whatever age, gender, faith or background.

We believe that everybody, however poor, has the ability to improve their situation. We work alongside people so that they can play a key role in resolving their own problems and thus retain their dignity.

We are directed by the people we seek to help and work with partner organisations who share our values and integrity.

Since 2014, The Dust Project has...