"The Dust Project helps the forgotten children of Sri Lanka. Through funding construction, entrepreneurial and educational projects, we’re helping to transform communities – providing safety for families, foundational security for children, growth for industry and creativity, and hope for generations.


Through our unique model of twinning building projects with child sponsorship, we believe we are ensuring sustainability for the future.”

Building Homes, Wells and Toilets out of Dust

Provide vulnerable people with the materials they need to improve their own lives.

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Join a Volunteer Trip

Experience for yourself the satisfaction, thrill, impact and reward of our unique Building Trips to Sri Lanka.

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Sponsor a Child

Help make a difference at the beginning of a child's journey, and they will reap the benefits for the rest of their life.

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" You have never really lived until you have done something for someone who can never repay you."
John Bunyan
The Dust Project

You send £10. I receive £10.

Through our sponsorship program, you can be assured that 100% of your monthly donation goes to the support of your sponsored child. All necessary admin costs— including living salaries for those in Sri Lanka who are actually caring for the children— are covered from other funds.

Online giving to our projects through Virgin Giving incurs a small transaction fee by them, but the total amount The Dust Project receives goes directly to your child.

"The school provides us with food when we don't have enough to eat.  If we are sick the school pays for us to see a doctor. Thanks to my sponsor I am hopeful about my future."

Dhanushika, 16, Sri Lanka